Developing New Therapies Based on Clinical Experience

Linnaeus Therapeutics is a development stage biotech company engaged in the identification and development of small molecule agents for the treatment of cancer. Linnaeus is a Penn Center for Innovation UPstart company that was founded in 2016. Linnaeus is based upon discoveries from the Ridky lab at the University of Pennsylvania.

We focus on developing new treatments for cancer that are inspired by clinical experience.

A New Way of Thinking

We are developing our initial therapies that are supported by a foundation of clinical experience. We believe that if you observe the clinical experience and listen to what it tells us, it will lead to the identification of new therapeutic targets for cancer.

“Rarely if ever, have I had the opportunity to work on a novel target identified through decades of clinical experience, with such a safe mechanism of action, with such drug-like qualities, and with such an agile team that holds such promise.”

Tina Garyantes, PhD

We Listen to the Clinical Experience

We allow it to inform the science that drives the development of new treatments to treat cancer.

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