Leadership Team

Trust and respect are essential components of developing a great team. We have assembled a management and development team with complementary skill sets and differing areas of domain expertise that should allow us to get our drug-candidates into humans as safely and as quickly as possible.

Patrick Mooney, MD
Patrick Mooney, MD CEO, Director
Pat is our CEO. He joined us in the summer of 2016 and helped get us started. Pat was an English major, but changed directions after college and went to Jefferson to become a doctor. He’s been a doctor, an investment banker and CEO for several companies. He thinks we can change the way cancer is treated.
Tina Garyantes, PhD
Tina Garyantes, PhD SVP, R&D
Tina leads our development team. She chose to study biology over art after reading Lives of a Cell in high school and deciding that cancer was curable. After graduating from Penn and Caltech, she has guided several drug-candidates into human testing. She hopes to help lead us to achieve her early vision of curing cancer, and now that her kids are out of the house, dabble in the arts.
Christopher Natale, PhD
Christopher Natale, PhDCo-Founder and VP, Research
Chris co-founded Linnaeus while he was a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania and currently serves as our VP of Research. Casual observations during his thesis research lead to the discoveries that Linnaeus is based upon. He is excited to continue pushing this research forward until the ideas from the lab become a reality in the clinic.
Todd Thomson
Todd ThomsonDirector
Todd is our newest Board member. He is a partner and the COO/CFO of Kairos Ventures, our lead investor. In his prior life, Todd was the CFO of Citigroup, and he has deep experience in M&A strategy. He will be very helpful as we enter the next stage of the Linnaeus life cycle.
Nikos Iatropoulos
Nikos Iatropoulos Director
Nikos is one of our directors. Nikos is a partner at our lead investor, Kairos Ventures. He went to Columbia and MIT, and he founded a few tech companies along the way. While he isn’t a scientist, he thinks what we are doing makes a lot of sense and can help a lot of people.
Michael Poisel
Michael PoiselDirector
Michael is one of our directors. He is the Director of PCI Ventures at Penn, and he has been with us since the beginning. He leads his team in the development of entrepreneurial ventures for the Penn community through several accelerator programs such as Upstart, UPadvisors, AppitUP and DevelUPmed.

We Listen to the Clinical Experience

We allow it to inform the science that drives the development of new treatments to treat cancer.